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Lifetime Warranty on All Systems

NRPP Certified Colorado Radon Mitigations

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  • Sump Pit Sealed Clear Lid
    Sump Pit Sealed Clear Lid
  • Sump Pit Install
    Sump Pit Install
  • Painting Exterior Fan
    Painting Exterior Fan
  • Rubber Cupplings
    Rubber Cupplings
  • Sealed Crawlspace Barrier
    Sealed Crawlspace Barrier
  • Discreet Pipe in Basement Install
    Discreet Pipe in Basement Install
  • Painted Exterior Discharge Pipe
    Painted Exterior Discharge Pipe

Why Our Systems Are The Best

We install only Class A radon mitigation systems. All systems are installed under the guidance of a certified specialist, and we guarantee our system will achieve levels below the EPA acceptable mark of 4.0pCi/L.

  • Class A Systems – Meeting or exceeding the ASTM E 2121 Standards
  • RadonAway fans – 5-Year Warranty, made in the USA, UV resistant plastic and much more! Read more here.
  • Fans blend in with your home
  • Fans are secured to reduce vibration and noise
  • All accessible crawl spaces will be lined with 6 MIL Dure Skrim Retarder, which consists of two sheets of high strength polyethylene film laminated together with a third layer of molten polyethylene with diamond reinforced scrim in between sheets.
  • Crawl space barriers are secured and sealed
  • Easy to understand monitoring system – You can check that your system is working with ease

Why Our Installs Are The Best

  • FREE clear 1/4 ” polycarb sump lids installed
  • FREE post-install radon test kit
  • Lifetime guarantee to get the levels below the EPA recommended levels
  • All technicians are pre-screened and undergo intensive background checks
  • $2 million in General Liability Insurance, $1 million Errors & Omissions, Workers’ Compensation, and bonded
  • We offer flexible scheduling, including nights and weekends
  • Accredited Members of the BBB

Upgrades Available

Our Stock Options Are Our Competitors' Luxury Upgrade
Colorado Radon Mitigations Fan Upgrades


A Smarter Radon Detector


Colorado Radon Mitigations System Upgrades

How Does It Work?

Colorado Radon Mitigations
STEP ONE - Create a Suction Point

Radon that finds its way into the home has seeped in through the soil. The key to any radon reduction system is to intercept the radon before it enters your home and vent it into the outdoor air where it can dissipate. For our Colorado radon mitigations, there are three basic ways to do this: 1) through a crawl space; 2) through a sump pump/pit; or 3) through the property’s foundation. Any system will start with a suction point on the lowest level of the home, usually the basement or crawl space. If the home has a sump pump/pit, the suction point can be placed in the pit and sealed off with a clear lid. Another alternative is to place a vapor barrier (a thin, tarp-like material) across the floor of a crawl space. A 4inch perforated pipe is then placed under the vapor barrier which creates a vacuum drawing the radon gas to the pipe. If neither a sump pump or crawl space is an option then the suction point will be through the foundation of the basement floor. This is done by drilling a 5-inch hole in the foundation and removing 10 gallons of dirt from the hole. A 4-inch pipe is then placed in the hole and sealed. Once the fan is hooked up and turned on the fan will draw the radon out of the soil and discharge it safely outside the home through the piping system.

If There Is A Crawl-Space: Install Vapor Barrier.

We use only the best material for our vapor barriers. All accessible crawl spaces will be lined with 6 MIL DURA SKRIM RETARDER, which consists of two sheets of high strength polyethylene film laminated together with a third layer of molten polyethylene with diamond reinforced scrim in between sheets. The sheets will be secured and sealed to walls and penetrations with either Eternabond Double Stick Adhesive or butyl sealant.

STEP TWO: Construct the Discharge Pipe System

Once the suction point has been put in place the radon enters the system’s pipes. Our Colorado radon mitigations’ pipe systems will carry the radon gas out of the house. We will always get approval from the home owner for the placement of the pipes before installing the system. Usually it is possible to locate these pipes in out-of-the-way places so they do not interfere with the use of the home.

STEP THREE: Install the Fan System

A fan is installed on the outside of the home then draws the radon out of the soil and through the system. It can usually be placed in an inconspicuous place and only uses about as much electricity as a light bulb and should last for years. We offer a 5-year warranty on the fan and will replace it free of charge if it stops working within that time. We offer a lifetime warranty on our Colorado radon mitigations.

STEP FOUR: Build an Aesthetically Pleasing Discharge Pipe

The radon will then travel through a 4-inch down spout, up the outside of the house. Though it is considerably more expensive, we use only 4-inch down spout material. This makes for a more effective radon removal system compared to a similar system that uses standard 3-inch down spout material. For a small charge, Axium will also paint the material in the color you select so that it can blend in with the other down spouts on your property. Few of our competitors go to the extra expense of installing 4-inch material, and fewer still offer to paint your system to match your house. These are just two small examples of how Axium Radon Mitigations goes the extra mile to provide the highest quality radon system possible.


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